David Tennant + his hands 1/2

For rudennotgingr, lunarsilverwolfstar, and my ovaries

Good God, this man’s hands. Sheer porn. So sexual. Braid my hair. Then touch me all over, please. So hard to pick, but the last two and the first one are my favorites out of this batch.

These are not my gifs, I have only collected them over the course of several months. And unless they had a watermark, I have no idea who made them. I hope it’s okay to just share the pretty. Because… SO MUCH PRETTY.

Anonymous asked: "this has been bothering me for the longest time... Do you know if KC and SA did a chemistry test? I just find it hard to believe the writers thought their chemistry was for an epic love story for arrow because their chemistry is lacking."


Man…you guys are always trying to get me in trouble with the Lauriver shippers. Besides, chemistry is totally subjective. We can’t really judge it. It’s all based on our own personal taste and -

Eh. Fuck it.

Um. No. They didn’t screen test. At least that’s what I’ve read, but I could be wrong. In fact, I think KC was cast first. She had a few TV hits under her belt (Supernatural, Melrose Place) and was actually the bigger star compared to Stephen at the time. Also, I think I read once that Stephen didn’t test with anyone that ended up on the show.

I mean, is it really a surprise? Those two are like two pieces of cardboard together.


Here’s another reason I don’t think KC & SA screen tested. Because now the writers make a HUGE fucking deal about screen tests. They talk about them All. The. Time.  Caity Lotz, Katrina Law, Brandon Routh. “Look at the chemistry! The actor we hired has so much chemistry with (insert romantic interest actor here) in the screen test! Chemistry all the chemistry! Did you know we had a screen test? No. Well we did. Here, I’ll tell you about it. There was a screen test and boy…you won’t believe…THE CHEMISTRY! Can’t handle the chemistry!” 

Methinks the writers doth protest too much.

As a woman, I lay the blame squarely at KC’s feet. It’s Stephen Amell for goodness sake. SHIRTLESS. 


Holy Mother of God. Seriously. Look at at this man. I am amazed my husband allows me to watch this show.

Get your shit together woman.


I kid. I kid. Sort of. Amell has some explaining to do as well. Oh wait. He already did.




A Beautiful Ride {LISTEN}

Because I had all those Eleven/Rose feelings. And because I wanted to.

I hate the way you talk to me. And the way you cut your hair. I hate the way you drive my car. I hate it when you stare. I hate your big dumb combat boots. And the way you read my mind. I hate you so much it makes me sick. It even makes me rhyme.
I hate it… I hate the way you’re always right. I hate it when you lie. I hate it when you make me laugh; Even worse when you make me cry.
I hate it when you’re not around. And the fact that you didn’t call, but mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you; not even close; not even a little bit; not even at all.




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Miranda Rights by gallifreyslostson for  rudennotgingr


Miranda Rights by gallifreyslostson
for  rudennotgingr


A modern take on Disney’s Snow White design.


A modern take on Disney’s Snow White design.

Is there anything you’d like to see Oliver do this season that he hasn’t done before?


Outlander AUFor Bittie


Outlander AU
For Bittie